Amanda Funk
Amanda From HeatherOwner and Growth Cultivator

With over eighteen years in the industry, Amanda fully understands what it takes to create a buzz and close a sale. She has dedicated her career to helping small businesses grow. From big to small, Amanda loves conquering the challenges that small businesses face and creating cost-effective solutions. “I am so excited that I have found my passion and with it, I get to help my clients every day”- Amanda Funk

Photo Credits: Heather LarisoPhotography


Heather Jackson
Heather Jackson
Editor and Chief of “Badassory”

Heather is our go-to-gal for punctuation and proofing. We are so lucky that she will join us in our little sandbox.
Heather not only covers our commas, but she is also a marketing manager for a local university, or as a social media manager for a Fortune 15 corporation. That’s right! You have access to this kind of excellence from the masters right here in Central NY.