I am a simple girl, with a deep devotion to small businesses and helping them grow. I love watching an idea, turn into a vehicle for prosperity, for you, your family and your team. 

My Story

My journey in sales started all the way back to when I was seven and pushing cookies door to door. Even then, I knew my success was not normal, I sold more cookies than the average Scout. I would offer things like delivery or donation (before that was a common practice) anything to make buying cookies about more than just the cookies.  I realized that the difference I was offering, was service.

Service first has been my mantra since then. It is what led me to open my own doors in 2013. After spending years in industries that did not put the client’s needs first, that focused on bottom line profits first and foremost, I felt broken and worthless. In every position I held, I was told I spent too much time with the client, I need to sell them and move on to the next. I never, ever understood how removing customer service from client care, was the best approach. To me, that was a failure at every level to ensure the customer received what they needed. I decided I could do things differently, better. 

Today, I still listen to my service gutt. I listen to what my clients need from me. I listen to hear how I can serve them, or who do I need to connect them with to reach their goals.  To me, listening, and truly hearing what my clients need, is the most important step to take in helping them reach their goals. So that is where I start. Once I have heard what a client needs, I then help them make a plan to market and grow their business. Together my clients and I, work to build a business that not only serves them but serves their clients as well.

So to sum up, my super power is communication and I am ready to listen to you. Let’s set up a listening session and determine if we should work together to reach your goals.

Amanda C. Baron

My Books


Building With Divi

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