Are You Ready?

My name is Amanda, and my team and I have helped businesses
(tiny – mid-sized) really grow.
Are you ready to turn what you love doing, into a profitable business? 

Certified to Help:

Online or In-Person Consulting & Business Growth Support.


It really does not have to be this hard. It really doesn’t.

If you’re struggling to grow your business, lead your team, or balance you in reach out.  We’ll fix it together.

What We Do?

We work with clients to grow their businesses and reach their goals.
Both personally and professionally; yes you can have it all.
Let us show you how.

Coaching Online

Soultions are only a click away.
Let’s video chat and reduce the stress of building the busienss you need and becoming who you want to be.

Marketing & Business Consulting

You can do it, you just need someone to show you how. Let’s work together to reach your audience, starting now.

Email & Social Media Marketing

There is a lot, and maybe you just can’t do it all. When it is time to call in back up, call me.

I had the fortune of meeting Amanda when I took a free marketing class that she offered a few years ago in downtown Cortland. Right away I was struck with the fact that she could successfully couple a command presence with a light hearted and joyful nature. How do you even do that? Anyway, I was further pleased with the sheer wealth of knowledge that she offered throughout this very informative class and continue to use a lot of this info to date. I really like how Amanda is patient and easy to approach. Her undying willingness to help in any capacity is truly admirable. Amanda has been and continues to be an inspiration to me in my professional and personal life. I feel that she is a great example of how I want to be as a person and and business person alike. Her attention to detail and the fact she is always available to me for whatever I need is so appreciated. I can’t recommend her enough. Thanks Amanda for all you have done and continue to do. You are a true rock star!

Jessica, Massage Therapist and Entrapenuer