Tom Seeley

Tom Seeley is not your typical lawyer. Tom uses his training as a mediator and certified life coach encourages clients to seek mindful resolutions to their legal matters. Rather than chasing billable hours in fancy boardrooms with walls of law books no one reads, Tom prefers to keep his overhead low so he can focus on his clients’ interests. Tom is the founder of Finger Lakes Holistic Divorce Mediation and Law Office of Thomas W. Seeley PC. His practice focuses on teaching clients who are dissolving their marriage or engaged in family disputes to stay out of the courtroom and understand how this life transition is an opportunity to experience. In addition to divorce and family disputes, Tom also represents clients in Small Business Counseling, Real Estate, Estates & Trusts, Legal Coaching, and other legal matters. In addition to his mediation and law practice, Tom practices mindfulness meditation daily and leads a weekly meditation group in Auburn, New York.

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