Lee Pelletier

Lee Pelletier – Language and Communications Expert


Lee Pelletier, CI is also certified in Complimentary Medical Hypnotism, Pain Management, Spiritual Hypnotism and Stress Management and is a certified HypnoCoach. An Ordained Clergyman, for most of the last 20 years he has served congregations in rural upstate NY where he presently resides. He found that hypnotic techniques were indirectly used in his pastoral counseling, and chose to learn hypnosis formally in 2002-2003. As an instructor, Lee will seek to introduce other clergies to hypnosis as a tool in their pastoral ministries. He also plans to strive to introduce medical professionals to hypnosis as an added tool to their toolboxes. 


  • Certified as a Hypnotherapist (consulting Hypnotist)   
  • Certified Hypnotism Instructor  
  • Certified in Complimentary Medical Hypnotism 
  • Certified HypnoCoach 
  • Certified Stress Management Consultant  
  • Certified in Pain Management  
  • President of the Clergy Special Interest Group 
  • Ordained Clergyman (Christian & Missionary Alliance)  
  • 20 Years of ministry in NJ and Upstate NY 

At Conference this year: 

  • 3 Hr Seminar DISC for Hypnotists 
  • 1 Hr Workshop – Hypnosis the Christian & the Bible 
  • 1 Hr Workshop – Community events promote your practice 
  • 1 Day Certification Course (w/Lindsay Bates) Spiritual Hypnotism