Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

9:30am – 4:30pm 

Learn what it takes to turn “Passions into Profits”! 

Have you started a business with a passion in your heart and the determination to make it succeed, only to find out how the odds are stacked against you?

Have you been put in the position to manage a company or team and told to grow the bottom line then realized it can feel like herding cats to move an inch?

Join us and seven industry experts and learn how to actually grow your business and finally see profits from your passion!

Our speakers have spent thousands of hours teaching and showing business owners and managers just like you what it takes grow a business and turn a profit that you can live on. 

They have worked with countless managers to motivate their teams to set and reach goals that they previously thought were impossible! 

We’ve brought these powerhouses together to help you grow your business!

What can you expect to learn from this day-long growth vehicle?

  • How to network effectively, not just collect business cards and compliments, from a professional who has conquered small talk and turned it into revenue!
  • How to communicate in a way that will close the sale or motivate your team, from a hypno-coach who teaches the power of words and persuasion!
  • How to manage your marriage and family without losing one or both as you grow your business, from a Family and Divorce Mediator/Attorney!
  • How to turn your passion into profit from a leader who is doing so at a Fortune 500 Company without losing her joy!
  • How to turn prospects into clients from a woman who has grown a very profitable business from phone calls and Facebook!
  • How to overcome your barriers or business fears with a man that works with and motivates Google and GE!
  • How to pull it all together and market your business in this ever-changing world of social media from a marketing coach that has saved businesses from the brink and helped to make them the successful!
And much more!

This is not a rah-rah motivational day… it’s packed full of action steps to grow your business! No one with leave without that AH-Ha moment that will make the whole event worthwhile.

Both lunch and a high-level networking event will be provided based on ticket choice. 

Free one on one sessions with our speakers are available on a first come first serve basis at the event!


Of Businesses Lose Money From Poor Communications

Lee Pelletier

Communications & Language Use Expert

Shelley Hoffman

Networking and Resource Use Expert


Of All Businesses Fail in the First Five Years

Heather Paris

Prospecting Expert

Amanda Funk

Marketing and Sales Expert


Of Family Businesses Fail Before the 2nd Generation Can Join.

Tom Seeley

Expert on Personal Relationships in Business

Teany Hidalgo

Passion and Prosperity Expert