Are You in Need of Business or Personal Coaching?

Running a business and keeping your life going at the same time can be overwhelming. You may feel as if there is too much on your plate and you are only a few steps into the buffet line. If you need help managing it all, or growing despite what is holding you back, you have found the right place. Welcome to “Funky Coaching”. Ok, it’s really just me – Amanda, but I will work with you to develop strategies to grow your business and balance your life. No get rich schemes, or immediate overnight success will be offered here, only sound practices that will help you go out and grow your business. I will work with you through both business and personal coaching.

Are You Ready To:
* Take Charge of Your Business Growth?
* Scale Your Personal Success to the Next Level?
* Make Life Changes, But You Need a Little Guidance?
* Or Simply Find Joy in What You Are Doing Again?

Well, let’s get to work!

What to Expect From Coaching:

I will give you sound recommendations that you can implement. I will hold you accountable for the work you have done or need to do. I will expect you to work as hard for you as I do. There is no magic pill or shortcut to success, but we can certainly take the bumps and pain out of the journey. When you work with me, you will have one heck of an alley and advocate helping you set and reach both your professional and personal goals. Let’s get started! Fill in the contact form above and I will reach out you and get you rock’n and roll’n.