Amanda Funk
Amanda From HeatherOwner and Growth Cultivator

With over thirteen years in the industry, Amanda fully understands what it takes to create a buzz and close a sale. She has dedicated her career to helping small businesses grow. From big to small, Amanda loves conquering the challenges that small businesses face and creating cost effective solutions. “I am so excited that I have found my passion and with it I get to help my clients every day”- Amanda Funk

Photo Credits: Heather LarisoPhotography


Heather Jackson
Heather Jackson
Editor and Chief of “Badassory”

Heather is our go-to-gal for punctuation and proofing. We are so lucky that she will join us in our little sand box.
Heather not only covers our commas, she is also a marketing manager for a local university, or as a social media manager for a Fortune 15 Corporation. That’s right! You have access to this kind of excellence from the masters right here in Central NY.