Founded in 2013, The Funk and Jackson Group, LLC is a service based company. You are probably reading that and thinking, well of course it is…

By service based we mean, that if we cannot truly be of service to you and your business, we will tell you. If we cannot support your goals, we will lead you to others who can. There is no reason to mislead you or promise you the moon and deliver a half moon cookie.

Born from the mantra “teach to fish”, we believe that all of our tools/services should be turnkey. We should be able to teach you how to successfully do everything you need to do to grow your business. If you want us to “do it” for you, that’s great and we are happy to, but you want to work with a company that will not hold you hostage via codes or passwords, stop looking. You have found the right partner.

That’s who we aim to be, your partner, your consultant or your guide. We will do what you need to support your growth.

That’s it, that’s who we are. No gimmicks and no false promises. We are simply growth cultivators.